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Innovative products and Efficiancy...the Experience of One Team.

From its modest beginnings since begining of 70eens as a small manufacturer of refrigerated table in the north of France, EIHF Company has grown into the world's leading supplier of embalming, postmortem and refrigerated cabinets. Along the way, EIHF has constantly added to its catalog, so that now we offer virtually every supply and tool needed by morticians of hospitals and funeral homes.
Service and Training: Equally important has been our focus on truly innovative service. Training company, support technicians, monthly emailing on products.

Fluids, Additives, Restorative, Instruments, Pump, Embalm machine, Cosmetics, Finishing, Cases.

Body bag, Coverings for table & trolley, Individual protection equipment, Disinfection with Hygine Kit.

Ceremony material, Urns, Coffin Presentation Trolley, Filtration & disinfection unit, Floor drain, Body supports, Headrest.

Refrigerating Table, Racks and Trays, Lifting and Presentation Trolleys,, Accessories for prep room & Dedicated room.

Refrigerated Cabinets: Simple, Bi-T°, Individual Door, 1 Door, 2 Doors, 3 Doors, Side-Opening, Expandable.

Autopsy - Autopsy and Dissection Tables, Instruments & saws with extractor, Balances, Lights, Funitures, Grossing Workstations, Laboratory Refrigerators.