Body bags

  • Obese cover

    Same features as 459 covers except closure.

    With 6 handles - Internal reinforcing tube of 33 x 2cm at each handle, to provide the necessary strength - 250 cm x 110 cm (L x W) - Per carton of 10.

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  • Slipcover 2170x900 white

    Central Closure - Cover about 400 microns thick, sewn and welded so waterproof, double zipper sewn, color opaque white. Inside made of non-woven polypropylene material colaminated on the outside with a polyethylene film. Unique feature: does not make noise when closing the cover (because no PVC), and very flexible material (like a thick microfiber).

    Nylon zip and zip with double seam - Unit weight 368g. Width 90cm x 220cm Long Zip Right - Adult wide.

    Packing in carton of: 42 x 31 x 45 cm (L x W x H).

    Packaging: cover in polyethylene unit bag: 25 covers per carton. Weight 10.3kg gross.

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