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5 liters Pressure Vessel Complete item 705544

Isofroid is pleased to introduce a new range of 5 and 10 liters pressure tanks for arterial injection. These new tanks offer enhanced features to support the busy embalmer in their work.

A sturdy base ensures that the tank will not tip over either when empty or full, and the threaded lid makes it easier to fill with chemicals or water without spills or leaks. The tank is also fitted with chemical resistant 14H injection and drainage hose and a stop tap.
A back flow valve ensures that no liquid can ever enter the motor pump, even if the tank is over filled.

It also features a manual pump and pressure gauge so that the pressure tank can be used with or without an electric motor pump. This feature is particularly valuable for the busy trade embalmer or in cases of mechanical failure.
This compact and sturdy unit will offer years of trouble free service and can be relied upon in the busiest of facilities.

For more information, please contact your Isofroid representative or the Isofroid office.

Our supplier has replaced the "pressure injection jar" item 705441 with the new item 705544 because its supplier no longer manufactures it. The problem is that it doesn't fit in leather thanato suitcases. In order to solve this problem, we will be able to offer you in a few days a backpack, offered "free of charge", so that you can easily transport it with your 2 Embalming suitcases.

Indeed, we are no longer able to supply these old injection jars because the parts concerned are no longer manufactured or available from our supplier. Some of our customers have researched to find them at our colleagues, but just like us, as they supply them at the same supplier, they have the same problem.

Isofroid understands your concerns, but unfortunately there is nothing else we can do.

Sorry again for the problem.