• Brinox

    Liquid cleaner of stainless steel materials: gives a light polished gloss of the treated surface, 5 liters can.

    Before applying SCINTILOX, clean the surface to be treated with soapy water, or with an alcohol-based cleaner (glass cleaner type). Never use a cleaning agent containing bleach, chlorine or acetone. Dry the surface to be treated with a microfiber. Once the surface is clean and dry, lightly moisten a disposable paper with BRINOX, rub the surface to be cleaned, always respecting the same brushing direction to avoid polishing marks (same direction

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  • Complete hygiene kit

    In accordance with the regulations on funeral and mortuary chambers.


    - Container disinfection bin 5 L, Ref. 502,015,

    - Disinfectant for instruments, 5 L can, Ref. 502,110,

    - A 50 L white bin, Ref. 502,125,

    - Stainless steel soap dispenser Ref. 502124, with SPEED SOFT refill 1 L, Ref. 502,123,

    - Hand towel dispenser Ref. 502126, with a refill Ref. 502,127 / S.

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  • Disinfecting wipe

    Disinfectants: bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal.

    Box of 120.

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  • Disinfection tank


    -A tray

    -A basket

    -A lid.

    Capacity 5 L.

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  • Hand towel

    Hand towel.

    Packaging in 15 packs of 250 sheets, carton of 15 packs.

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