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EIHF Isofroid, fabricant d'une gamme complète de tables et de cellules réfrigérantes

For nearly 40 years, EIHF-ISOFROID has been a manufacturer and supplier of morgue, autopsy and mortuary equipment. Additionally, EIHF-ISOFROID offers a wide range of autopsy, downdraft, dissecting and embalming tables. Hygiene and disposable products as body bags are also a significant part of the range.


The EIHF-ISOFROID products are usually supplied to Hospitals, Forensic institutes, Government Institutions, Non Government organisations and to the Funeral Industry.

The company has a modern and flexible production facility, specialized in manufacturing Stainless Steel products, as well as several workshops, which are equipped with a large pool of machines.
EIHF-ISOFROID has succeeded in developing a comprehensive range of high quality mortuary equipment manufactured, delivered and installed with the utmost care and attention. All cooling units are individually checked and are running at least 48 Hours before shipping.
All spare parts are available at least 10 years. Bespoke solutions can also be provided.
EIHF-ISOFROID is connected with all the main educational centers for Forensic and Embalming and can provide assistance.

For each request, you will be in contact with people having technical and commercial backgrounds able to provide advices and bring you the expected services: quotes, delivery time, use of product.