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Isofroid: a formaldehyde-free fluid? Mission accomplished!

It's an old dream for embalming peoples... use a formaldehyde-free fluid. This is the objective set by Isofroid under the leadership of its CEO Didier Belluard. A research and development initiated 10 years ago and which finally leads to an official approval of use. It now remains to convince funeral professionals why it is better to use this new conservation fluid.

Magazine Résonance n° 148 de Mars 2019 en version numérique

The marketing of the fluid is scheduled for this end of the year, during FUNÉRAIRE PARIS next November, the time to manufacture and store it in sufficient quantities. Given the intrinsic qualities of our product, we have high hopes for its distribution, but we are also proud and happy to have completed our approach.

Ten years of R&D, great efforts, the vagaries of research, the funding of research against all odds, but at the end of the day, we have finally arrived at a solution that replaces the formaldehyde-based fluid. For those who put sustainable development first, there are also great reasons for satisfaction.

The entire Isofroid team will be at the disposal of embalming people to provide the necessary and essential information for the use of this new conservation fluid.