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Our Facilities

Each product manufactured by EIHF-ISOFROID conforms to European Standards.
The company has a modern and flexible production facility, specialized in manufacturing Stainless Steel products, as well as several workshops, which are equipped with a large pool of machines.
For each request, you will be in contact with people having technical and commercial backgrounds able to provide advices and bring you the expected services: quotes, delivery time, use of product.
All cooling units are individually checked and are running at least 48 Hours before shipping.
All spare parts are available at least 10 years.
Pool of Machines
- Milling machine HURON 1400*700*700
- Machining center HURCO 600*600*600
- CNC Milling machine ANAYAK 5 axes 2500*1100*1000
- CNC Turning machine Dia 300 * 3 meters

Tour CN
- CNC Turning machine SOMUA Dia 300 * 600 - 26 tools
- Folder ERMAK 300 Tons * 3 meters

Plieuse Ermak
- Vertical turning machine - Dia 1200 * 1 meter
- Storage of isothermic pannels

Stockage Cellule
- Welding Station
- Quality check station