Presentation & Transport Trolleys without concealment

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Single X electric lifting trolley especially designed to go and get the deceased from the hospital room, or for transport or presentation purpose – Height adjustable (50 cm to 90 cm). Manufactured in Fully high-quality 304L stainless steel with brushed finish - Great autonomy of the maintenance free sealed battery 24V: 40 cycles (1 up + 1 down) - 230V cable for recharge (approximately 3 hours) – Charging led display and emergency Off switch - Independent remote control from the trolley, the operations are facilitated, also in the exiguous places (optimized wheelbase: front-back 145 cm and left-right 50cm). Very silent electromechanical jack allowing rise and descent of the body tray (mini 32 cm and maximum 185 cm). Up and down end stops, safety lock device on jack - 4 x Ф 12,5 cm swiveling wheels including 2 with brake. (in order to block the trolley while rising).

The 2 rails receiving the body tray with castors can fit right into the 2 rails of the cold chamber and allow a very easy handling. The rails are equipped with end stops and spring locking device in order to get the body tray firmly maintained on the rails.  Reduced ground clearance (6 cm) including a very great ease of operation. Single X lifting design giving an exceptional robustness and rigidity, also providing the body tray a perfect stability even with heavy bodies.  
Working load:  200 kg.

Dimensions in cm:  206 X 62 X 50/90 (L X L X H mini/maximum) Weight: 45 kg


- Ref. 2100/T: includes 1 flat tray ref. 1560 ,  4 hoops SS 304 removable, dimension Ø 600mm and height 300mm,  and one cover for dissimulation forms tunnel with 2 closed extremities, polyester gray, easy cleaning and disinfecting see the picture.

- Ref. 3650: Preparation item 3650 table including Curved Body Tray ref.1561

- Ref. 1900: includes 1 Curved Body Tray ref. 1561 and Concealment Bellow – Fabric: polyester gray, easy cleaning and disinfecting, folding see the picture. 

- Ref. 2130: Included 1Coffin Roller Carrier ref. 2310, 1 Curved Body Tray ref. 1561 and 1 Concealment Bellow.

- Ref. 2350/P: Integrated plate for the weighing of the body from 0 to 300 kg,

- Ref. 2310: Coffin Roller-Carrier: 4 PVC rollers Ф 5 cm : easy to move the coffin,

- Ref. 2350/O: Wall-mounted charger: external, with an additional battery, give acces to a second battery ready to use in case of intensive using of the trolley,

- Ref. 2350/B: an additional battery (to care with that the battery is a cunsommable so you have to change it regulary). Contact us to have some advises to improve  a long life of your battery,

- Ref 1561: tray for trolley to procure a real embalming table or toilet table to prepare the body 1561

- Ref. 483: Coverings as side skirt, pillow and presentation cover Ref 483